Welcome To The Cardinals Bandwagon, Yankees Fans!

While we as Cardinals fans are thrilled about the World Series, and Red Sox fans obviously are too, not everyone shares these sentiments. Dodgers and Tigers fans, of course. And, not surprisingly, fans of our teams’ biggest rivals.

????????????????????????????????????????Yet that can bring about new Cardinals fans, even if only for the World Series. Like Yankees fans. Welcome!

Here’s the perspective on the World Series of Stacey Gotsulias, co-editor of Yankees site It’s About The Money.


I’m a Yankee fan. And more importantly, I’m a Yankee fan who was actually relieved to have a stress-free October. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve only had two of those Octobers in the past 19 years so I really needed this break.

Some people thought that made me a bad fan and even accused me of rooting for them to not make the playoffs, which isn’t true at all. Would I have preferred to have my team fighting for a championship? Of course, but it didn’t happen and, when it didn’t happen, I wasn’t that upset about it. Do I miss it sometimes? Sure, I get a twinge of jealousy when I see fans of other teams excited over a big win but I also like being able to go to bed and not stew over a bad loss or have about 15 panic attacks while watching a do-or-die game.

When this year’s playoffs began, I said that I’d be happy with anyone winning the championship as long as it wasn’t the Rays or the Red Sox. The Red Sox did us all a favor by knocking the Rays out in the Division Series, but the Tigers decided to play themselves out of a spot in the World Series by making awful mistakes in key moments and losing the ALCS to Boston.

To be honest, Saturday night was pretty terrible. I have plenty of friends who are Boston fans, and I’m talking about real Red Sox fans, not the ones who started rooting for them 10 years ago when they began to contend every year. I mean, the people who lived through the Bill Buckner game in 1986. And while a small part of me was happy for them, the other part of me was wishing this was all a nightmare and that the Tigers actually won instead.

I guess one small consolation is that Boston didn’t make it to the World Series by beating my team in a playoff series. Right?

Anyway, this is my message to the St. Louis Cardinals: For the love of God, please beat Boston this time. I’m so sick of hearing about those godforsaken beards and I’m sick of people acting as if a 97-win team is a gritty underdog. I’m also sick and tired of hearing about 2004. We’re going to hear enough about it next year when the 10th anniversary rolls around.

So, please, beat their greasy, homeless-looking asses. Thanks!

Go Cards!

1 thought on “Welcome To The Cardinals Bandwagon, Yankees Fans!

  1. Love my Cardinals as I grew up in the
    St. Louis area. Also love the Yankees as my favorite AL team. Two reasons to be against the Red Sox in the series. Cardinals just can’t seem to take it to the Red Sox in the series. Oddly enough, they have handled the Sox well in regular season interleague play.

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