20 Questions with Baby Bird Joe Donofrio

Righty reliever Joe Donofrio pitched in 40 games for the Peoria Chiefs in 2013. He posted a 2.63 ERA in 68.1 innings of work — holding right handed hitters to a .194 average. He earned six wins and 5 saves on the year.

20 Questions – Joe Donofrio (@bagofritos)

Donofrio headshot_100208 (2)1. How did you get started in baseball?

My dad and I use to go to a lot of Orioles games when I was younger and that really got  me into the game of baseball.

2. Who was your biggest influence growing up?

My dad; we’d go out and play catch all the time.

3. When/how did you decide you wanted to pursue this career?

I had a breakout season my junior year in high school which gave me the opportunity to  play college baseball.

4. How did you react when your dream of playing pro baseball was first achieved?

I was in disbelief, I was an amazing feeling and also eye opening

5. What do you remember from your first professional game?   

I remember coming in and having the early game jitters, but once the pitching coach came out I settled down and just pitched.

6. What has been your favorite moment in baseball (professional or otherwise)?

My junior year of college we came back against Baylor in the bottom of the 9th with four runs in the bottom of the inning to go to the Super Regional.

7. Who is your biggest fan?   

My parents

8. Biggest inspiration?

Also my parents, they’ve done everything for me, they are always there for me.

9. Describe yourself as a baseball player in 5 words or less.

Having fun while getting better

10. What is your biggest baseball pet peeve?

When they get you up in the bullpen to warm up and then you have to sit back down

11. Have any superstitions?

Nope, I don’t get into that kind of thing.

12. What is your favorite pitch to throw/hit?


13. From your experience, what is the hardest thing about baseball?

Dealing with the results; some days you can have your best stuff and not be successful where other days you don’t have your best stuff and you do pitch well.

14. Who is the most impressive guy you’ve played with or against?

Zach Petrick and Byron Buxton

15. What has been the best moment this season?

Got a bases loaded strikeout in the 8th and 9th innings against Quad Cities and then we walked off in the bottom of the 9th.

16. Tell me something you learned throughout this season.

How to keep my body in good shape

17. You spend a lot of time on the bus. What’s the best way to pass the time?

I love sleeping and playing Clash of Clans

18. Much is made throughout the organization about “The Cardinal Way.” What does that mean to you?

Paying attention to the details and the little things

19. What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I have a guilty pleasure of loving the movie pitch perfect

20. Any exciting offseason plans?

Go back to California and visit family

Thanks for playing 20 questions, Joe. Best of luck in 2014!

Tara is a St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on twitter @tarawellman, and Follow AMF on Facebook!

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