Day One of the Winter Warm-Up in Pictures

For many fans, the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up means one thing: meeting the players and getting their autographs. There was a great line-up of players there today — past (just past, anyway), present and future.

And here’s a look at several of them, courtesy of Kelli, and starting with that (sadly) just past player: Chris Carpenter.

ccNo surprise that Yadi was the most popular Cardinal there today.

YadiYadi 2Of course, everyone was very happy to see Adam Wainwright as well (although he doesn’t exactly look happy in this first one).

WainwrightWainwright2One of the newest Cardinals met Cards fans for the first time today: Jhonny Peralta.

jhonnyAnd one of the future Cards was there as well, Oscar Taveras.

oscarClosing out the post: who else but the closer himself, Trevor Rosenthal?


Thanks, Kelli, for sharing your pics! Follow her on Twitter, @StlCrdsfn11.

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