Catching Up With The Cardinals: Happy Retirement, Jake Westbrook

Quick, who was the winning pitcher for the Cardinals in Game Six of the 2011 World Series?

Jake-WestbrookYes, it was Jake Westbrook.

And just like the other sometimes forgotten hero of that game, Westbrook too has now retired. He leaves with a 105-103 career record and 4.32 ERA, with his numbers during his four seasons as a Cardinal pretty similar: 36-32 with a 4.27 ERA.

Yet he did have some highlights as a Card.

Happy retirement, Jake!

Another formerly retired former Card who was attempting a comeback had it all come to a heartbreaking end, as Mark Mulder suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon doing agility drills with the Angels. And in case that wasn’t sad enough for you, there’s this tweet from Mark.

Like many of you, I was really rooting for him to succeed in this comeback.

There’s another former Cardinal attempting a pitching comeback this spring, but it’s perhaps a surprising one: Rob Johnson. This piece from Brian Walton at The Cardinal Nation first caught my eye because of the title, not surprisingly — Rob Johnson takes Aaron Miles to the next level — and details Johnson’s quest to become a full-time pitcher by signing a minor league deal with the Padres.

OK, onto the current Cardinals — and I’m personally still catching up on what’s been going on in Jupiter, after a 10-day business trip that kept me out of the baseball loop completely. One thing I’m always happy to see each year are the photo galleries from spring training at These pictures from yesterday are great.

5300255504469.preview-620Michael Wacha, I don’t think you’re going to be winning any limbo contests …

53002557b2d59.preview-620Peter Bourjos was in camp yesterday! In high socks! On Saturday! Is it too early to become the official home of the Peter Bourjos Fan Club?

5300254d45f21.preview-620Ah, it really is spring training now …

Happy Sunday!

Also, there will be more on this tomorrow morning, but check out the United Cardinal Bloggers 2013 recap — Purpose, Perseverance and Power Arms: The 2013 St. Louis Cardinals — on sale now at Great way to relive last season and get ready for 2014!

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