Catching Up With the Cardinals, Current and Former Edition

With spring training games under way (Michael Wacha today — yay!) plus the opportunity to get a look at the newest Cardinals, it also means we have the chance to see those who’ve moved on to other teams.

Yep, it still feels weird.


Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I had the chance to see the highlight of David Freese’s first Angels spring at-bat on MLB Network on Friday. Since he was in red, that wasn’t too jarring — but seeing the 6 on his back is definitely different. The result of a ground-out? Well, yeah, we’ve seen that before. Not that spring results matter, especially at-bats in the first game.

Here’s an article on Freeser from the Los Angeles Times and his perspective on leaving his hometown team. And, though the pic above is not from the Times article, he looks a little awkward … although we should probably be thankful the photo is not as awkward as all the Angels photos this year have been.

Skip+Schumaker+Cincinnati+Reds+Photo+Day+h7Koaytz7xJlSpeaking of awkward former Cardinals photos, thanks to Kelly for passing this one of Skip Schumaker along. Well, “thanks” meaning “ugh, yeah, we’ll share the pain of this with you.”

Because, yeah, it is nice to see Skip in red again … sure, but not that red.

And apparently Reds writers feel the same way, saying that Skip spent eight years with the “much-despised Cardinals.” Although isn’t Hal McCoy the one who wrote the article with the infamous and idiotic Brandon Phillips quotes back in 2010? And Phillips and “that” whole thing is referenced in here, as well as in this article from the Reds site, as Skip calls him the “best second baseman in the big leagues.”


Although, of course, the Cardinals television announcers gush over him the same way during every Reds-Cardinals game so I guess nothing should be a surprise when it comes to Phillips.

Moving on …

Mitchell Boggs is feeling better this spring. He’s pitched one inning for the White Sox thus far and allowed one hit.

On to current Cardinals, did you know that Michael Wacha is friends with Pirates top pitching prospect Jameson Taillon? Now you do.

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one noticing that John Mozeliak wasn’t wearing his glasses anymore this spring.

Did you also notice the Cardinals have been wearing red jerseys during their first two spring training games? There’s a reason for that.

Finally, I loved just seeing a note about how several of the Cardinals were forming an assembly line and signing baseball cards that fans had sent in but this piece from Derrick Goold about it is just great. And Pat Neshek seems like a cool guy.

Today’s game is on FOX Sports Midwest and the Cardinals Radio Network starting at noon Central Time, as the Mets travel to Jupiter to face the Cardinals.

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