Adam Wainwright, Cubs Fan?

Perhaps you were under the impression St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright grew up a Braves fan. I know I was, plus his Wikipedia page even says so — and he was a Cub Scout.

Adam WainwrightMaybe that latter tidbit is where Comcast SportsNet Chicago got confused. Last night Wainwright was a guest on SportsTalk Live, and I happened to see — and not hear — a small portion of it on a television at the gym. It seemed interesting a Cardinal was on the network that features the Cubs and White Sox, and this morning I saw a link online about last night’s broadcast.

So of course I clicked, and read this:

The Cubs-Cardinals rivalry has been fierce among fan bases. But to St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, it’s just a friendly rivalry between the two National League Central ball clubs.

Adam Wainwright joined SportsTalk Live to talk about the competitive nature between the two divisional foes.

“We respect them, and they respect us,” Wainwright, who grew up a Cubs fan, said. “It’s a good relationship.”

It concluded with this tease to watch the video: “Check out what else Wainwright had to say about the rivalry, and he relives his memories as a Cubs fan as a kid.”

Yes, I checked it out. And you know what he said? “I grew up watching Cubs games on WGN right after school … getting home and watching Harry Caray and those day games on TV. That was so much fun for me.”

Hmmm. “Watching Cubs games on WGN” equates to “Cubs fan as a kid”?

I didn’t exactly hear Wainwright say he was a fan, just that he watched games. I would sometimes watch Braves games on TBS when I was growing up, once we got cable TV. Does that mean I grew up a Braves fan?

Ah, well. It’s all in the spin, right?

It got me to click and watch the video.

And it got you to read this.

Mission accomplished, Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Mission accomplished.

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