Summing Up Today’s Cardinals Loss In 2 Sentences

Boo - smallI only had the chance to watch the first three innings of today’s game, which meant I had the opportunity to see some great pitching and one hit each by the Cardinals (Matt Carpenter to lead off the game) and the Pirates (Clint Barmes, of all people).

So when I received an email from my friend Michael with the subject “sometimes, this team is maddening” and a message that only said “but what else is new,” I didn’t have much frame of reference. When I emailed back that I didn’t see the game, he replied with this — which is now your game recap.

They lost. Wainwright pitched well, Edinson Volquez pitched better and against a left-hander and the Pirates’ mythical shift Matt Adams couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a camel.

There you go.

Back to St. Louis now, and on to the home opener tomorrow.

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