Your Oscar Taveras Debut News Wrap-Up

Let’s face it — there’s one thing, and only one thing, anyone cares about from yesterday’s Cardinals 2-0 win over the Giants. Oscar Taveras. (Ah, poor Michael Wacha — so last year now, other than the damn rain delays you cause every single start … )

And with so much coverage about Oscar out there, given his performance in his debut, trying to find a new angle to write about was a challenge. So I gave up.

Here, instead, are links to everyone else’s coverage — from the St. Louis writers and Cards bloggers to national coverage, since you know you want to read it all — starting, of course, with the most memorable home run since the most recent Cards walk-off or Rick Ankiel’s in his debut as an outfielder.


Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch/

Video of Oscar’s second at-bat, complete with slow motion of that beautiful swing and the tears of joy falling as rain from the heavens over such a fantastic hit.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/

Fox Sports Midwest:

STL Sports Page – Rob Rains:

National coverage:


UCB coverage:

Other Cards blogs:

By the time you read all that, today’s game will be ready to start. The Cardinals go for the split of the four games with the Giants as Lance Lynn takes the mound for the first time following his complete game shutout of the Yankees last Tuesday — but this time with Oscar behind him. Tim Hudson pitches for the Giants, with game time at 1:15 p.m.


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