Cardinals Haiku Friday: A Familiar Sort Of Loss


We’ve seen this too many times before … (Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

A loss on Wednesday
After five straight wins: okay.
These things will happen.

Last night, Phillies here.
Unfamiliar guy starting.
You know what that means.

Lack of offense back.
We liked all the hits and runs
And the winning too.

But only four hits
Not many scoring chances
And just one run scored.

One hit with RISP
Plus four LOB.

One extra base hit
Courtesy of Shelby M
Fourth double this year.

Not as good on mound
Seven hits, four K’s, three walks
Four runs for the L.

And three RBI
From one guy: Ryan Howard.
Of course. Who else but?

He likes STL.
He always hits well at Busch.
Career numbers: great.

At Busch 3 with 10 homers
Drove in 38.

Three more games ahead.
Tonight at 7:15
Then afternoon games.

Starting for the Phils:
A.J. Burnett, which is good.
Not a fan of Busch.

Career ERA:
13.50. (Yes, really.)
Cards hit .408.

Facing Jaime G.
With 2.77
Career ERA.

So here’s to hot bats,
Continued good Cards pitching
And getting a win.

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