This Year’s Cardinals Don’t Do Much For Me

I know what the current National League Central standings say.

I know that with a Cardinals win over the Rays tonight and a Brewers loss to the Reds, those standings will be even better.

I don’t care very much. Honestly, I haven’t cared like I used to for most of the season.

Here’s one reason.

Matheny quotePerfect logic for a team that’s built mostly on young talent, with even more in the minors just waiting for a big-league opportunity. Right?

And here’s another reason.

matheny on oscar

Ugh. Seriously? Sitting on the bench for up to five games a week has more benefit than playing?

Actually, there is one simple reason why I feel the way I do about the Cardinals this year and it’s the common denominator between those two quotes: Mike Matheny.

All the curious lineup decisions, all the frustration with his game management — now, in Year 3 of Matheny everything is just crazy. Are we now seeing the impact of his lack of managerial experience? Is it just the change in personnel? Were others — Carlos Beltran, Chris Carpenter — more influential than we realized and able to spark and energize the team so Matheny’s deficiencies weren’t as obvious as they are now?

More often than not, watching the 2014 Cardinals has not been pleasant. Yes, there are happy surprises along the way — the comeback win against the Brewers on July 11, Peter Bourjos on Sunday night against the Dodgers … although that ultimately ended up like too many Cardinals games have this season. Disappointing.

And let’s not even get into the All-Star Game and its aftermath …

Sure, I probably sound like the stereotypical spoiled Cardinals fan. But we are. The success of the team has made all of us that way. Whining when my team is a half-game out of first? What’s wrong with me?


Maybe something will change my mind about this year’s team. It’s the first time in my now-15th season of following the Cardinals that I can really say I don’t like a particular season’s team too much, so maybe that just comes with the territory after a while? I’m not sure.

I will watch the game tonight, but either with the television on mute or with the radio broadcast on my computer even thought it’s either a couple seconds ahead or a couple of second behind what’s on TV. There’s no way I want to hear Dan McLaughlin go through the whole Adam Wainwright All-Star Game saga, which of course he will now that Wainwright is starting again.

Well, wait … Actually, there is a reason to be excited for tonight’s game — and tomorrow’s too. The opposing manager.

Ah, for what might have been … when we all wished that somehow Joe Maddon could become the Cardinals manager.

2 thoughts on “This Year’s Cardinals Don’t Do Much For Me

  1. Last 4 years; LaRussa wins the World Series and an All Star game. Matheney loses the World Series and an All Star game. Any questions?

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