Cards NLDS Win Is So Much Deja Vu

The Cardinals against Clayton Kershaw — again.

The Cardinals trailing the Dodgers in the seventh inning — again — with Kershaw dominating — again.

Matt Holliday leading off the seventh with a single off Kershaw, followed by Jhonny Peralta singling — again.

A big hit by a Matt to stun Kershaw and the Dodgers and give the Cardinals the lead — again.

In Game Four, however, it was Adams instead of Carpenter — and he launched a no-doubt-about-it-even-Joe-Buck-got-crazy-excited-3-run-bomb into the Cards bullpen (which of course you want to see again and again even though you’re already watched it countless times).


Another classic Cardinals postseason home run, this time from Matt Adams (Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Huy Mach)

In the ninth inning, Trevor Rosenthal in for the save and makes it interesting — again.

Yet that’s a winner — again!

And a win that’s a division series clincher — again, like in 2013. And 2012. And 2011.

Four straight years.

And clinching the division on October 7 — again. Just like in 2011, with Chris Carpenter’s masterpiece against the Phillies. Just like in 2000, which was my first year as a Cardinals fan, when they swept the Braves. (I remember that one because today is my uncle Jim’s birthday. He’s been a Cardinals fan since the mid-1950s and was instrumental in my Cardinals fandom, so it’s great when things like this happen on his birthday. Happy birthday, Jim!)

So it’s back to the National League Championship Series — again (and again and again).

A one-in-two chance of winning the National League pennant — again.

Facing the Giants in the NLCS — again.

It really is deja vu all over again (although hopefully with a different outcome against the Giants this time!)

And would we as Cardinals fans want it any other way — again?

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