It’s 2015, So The Cardinals Will Make The World Series

During this interminable baseball off-season, looking ahead is common. We have to pass the time some way, right?

new-years-questionsWorld Series predictions based on every free agent signing also are common, and happen every year. Remember when the Angels were going to win in 2012 after signing That Guy Who Used to Play First Base and C.J. Wilson? Or when the Nationals would win in 2013? The Dodgers in 2014?

Now it’s 2015, and we’ve already heard plenty about the Cubs (yes, the Chicago Cubs) going to the World Series this year — that’s what “Back to The Future II” said! And now Joe Maddon’s their manager! They signed Jon Lester! And the Vegas odds say so! Woo hoo!!!!

Yeah. We’ll see how that goes once they actually start playing …

Instead, I not surprisingly have a different perspective. The Cardinals will win the 2015 National League pennant this year and return to the World Series.

Of course they will. It’s an odd-numbered year, thus it’s their turn.

Take a look at the World Series match-ups for this decade. 2010 was the Giants vs. the Rangers. 2011: Cardinals vs. Rangers. 2012: Giants vs. Tigers. 2013: Cardinals vs. Red Sox. 2014: Giants vs. Royals. So it’s relatively easy to determine what team will be there next.

Too basic? Too random? Not realizing just what the effect of Mathenaging can be? Not taking into account how Jason Heyward will adapt to being a Cardinal, Matt Adams will hit against lefties, and Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez will do in the rotation?

Hey, at one point last season the Giants had a 10-game lead in the NL West before blowing that and making the playoffs as the second wild card team, which they didn’t clinch until the final Thursday of the regular season. So January is obviously too early for any real certainty about games that will be played in nine long months.

And the Cardinals winning the pennant because it’s their turn makes more sense than saying the Cubs will.

Obviously, only time will tell just what team will actually face the Tigers/Angels/Royals in the World Series. Now, if that time will hurry along a bit more quickly …


It was four years ago, Jan. 5, 2011, when AMF made its debut. Take a look back at the very first post here — and then realize just how long ago four years was in baseball terms, considering this line: “It’s going to be an adjustment to actually like Lance Berkman and Ryan Theriot now, after hating them for years.”

Of course, he’s Two-Time World Series Champion Ryan Theriot now.

Thanks for the support of AMF during the past four years — and for the years to come as well.

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