Countdown To Opening Day …

It’s Friday, Carlos Martinez was perfect in his two innings during the Cardinals first spring game yesterday and we’re now one day closer to baseball that counts.

Yes, it’s now just Mark Mulder days until the Cards opener on April 5.

Mark Mulder

Yes, Mark Mulder — because I still have his No. 30 Cardinals jersey gathering dust in my closet. (Thanks again, Jim, for the gift!)

Way back in the early 2000s, I watched the Oakland A’s regularly in addition to watching the Cardinals. Then, as now, I loved watching great pitching and the A’s “big three” of Mulder, Tim Hudson and Barry Zito definitely fit that definition. (Why aren’t they mentioned as a big part of that “Moneyball” era A’s success?) And, being female, sure, it was more entertaining to watch Mulder. If you need more explanation on that, here you go. (Seriously, click and watch.) Having watched Mulder’s terrible second half of 2004, I was not thrilled when he was traded to the Cardinals that December. Ah, well. The past is past. Plus he did have one memorable (in a positive way) Cards start — the 10-inning shutout, five-hit shutout over the Astros on April 23, 2005.

Sure, there is a more recent Cardinal to wear No. 30 who would be a fitting and obvious tribute on this day, and he certainly had some terrific accomplishments. But, really, who would you rather look at this morning?


Just 30 more days!


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