Continuing The Countdown: 8 Days

We’re getting closer and closer … it’s now 8 days until the Cardinals take on the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Opening Night. (Interested in the construction at Wrigley? Here’s an update from Thursday with photos — and remember that the bleachers aren’t going to be done until May or June anyway.)

Eight days. And No. 8 has certainly been well used by the Cardinals in recent years. So, rather than repeating my overdose of silliness regarding the current No. 8 like I did last year at this time, here’s a look at the most recent No. 8s.

Peter Bourjos, 2014-2015

Peter Bourjos, 2014 and presumably 2015


Ryan Jackson, 2012-2013

Nick Punto, 2011

Nick Punto, 2011 (forever remembered, forever missed for those very contributions, forever the subject of one of the most popular AMF headlines … and it is definitely enjoyable to look back at that post from Sept. 10, 2011, to read the perspective as the “September to remember” was unfolding)


Allen Craig, 2010 (Ah, you are missed too, and also forever remembered — though more the good times and not 2014)


Troy Glaus, 2008-2009

St. Louis Cardinals

Hal McRae, hitting coach 2005-2007 (though he was with the Cardinals through 2009 but changed numbers for Mr. Glaus)


Marlon Anderson, 2004. (Not sure what that photo is from … didn’t the 2004 season just end with the Cardinals winning the NL pennant? Although, actually, it unfortunately did.)

Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi, 2003. Girardi played his final season as a Cardinal, appearing in 16 games with 26 plate appearances. That’s certainly why there is no photo of him with No. 8.

And now only 8 more days!

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