Some Cardinals Alternatives To Watching This Year’s World Series

Even though the 2016 World Series gets underway tonight, you might not be in the mood to watch it. Want to look back on some better days instead? Here, and all available on YouTube, are some alternatives that will make for more pleasant viewing.

The videos are the complete games, so watching these should keep you busy … and able to avoid whatever might be happening in this year’s World Series.

Game One – 1968 World Series

Starting off with an absolute classic in a year that didn’t result in a Cardinals World Series championship, but began with an incredible performance by that year’s NL Cy Young Winner and Most Valuable Player, Bob Gibson. His 17 strikeouts in the game are a record that still stands.

Game Seven – 1982 World Series 

Ah, nothing like a Game Seven — especially when it’s a Game Seven win! Watch the Cardinals win their ninth World Series championship, and first since the days of Bob Gibson in 1967, when they beat the Brewers 6-3 behind Joaquin Andujar and Bruce Sutter.

Game Six – 2004 NLCS

The 2004 National League Championship Series between the Astros and Cardinals was an incredible one, yet mostly overlooked by the national media due to the ALCS that was going on at the same time. We remember, though, these hard-fought seven games in which the home team was victorious in each — and the MV3 was in their prime and all making big contributions. Jim Edmonds was the walk-off hero in this one, as you no doubt remember. (Also, in case you forgot, Carlos Beltran and Lance Berkman were the enemy.)

Game Seven – 2004 NLCS

The next night it was Jimmy’s glove that was the star, as he made that spectacular diving catch. The other two MV3s drove in runs, as did Larry Walker in this pennant-winning game. (Larry Walker!)

Game Three – 2006 World Series

Ten years ago yesterday, Chris Carpenter pitched in his first World Series game — and it was a memorable one as he and the Cards shut out the Tigers 5-0. And guess what? There was an error by a Tigers pitcher.

Game Five – 2006 World Series

Jeff Weaver! David Eckstein! Young Yadi going 3 for 4! An error by Justin Verlander! This game had it all, including World Series championship No. 10 for the Cardinals.

2006 World Series Film

The first three minutes alone will give you goosebumps.

Game Five – 2011 NLDS

Chris Carpenter. That is all.

Game Six – 2011 World Series

You might have forgotten how ugly the first several innings were, because then it wasn’t ugly at all.

Game Seven – 2011 World Series

This includes the pre-game, so you can relive the magic of Game Six in the only-FOX-dramatic way that is actually perfect in this circumstance. Oh, and after that is Game Seven and World Series championship No. 11 — and Lance Berkman hoisting the World Series trophy. Oh, and he hasn’t been mentioned yet, MVP David Freese!


2011 World Series Film Ending

While the full World Series film doesn’t seem to be online, the closing of it is — and these four-plus minutes will make you happy … and forget about anything else happening in current-day baseball.

So there are nine full games to watch, one complete Cardinals World Series film and a clip from another — certainly enough to get you through anything that will happen between now and Nov. 2, when a 2016 World Series Game Seven would be.

And, for the record, I’m hoping the team from the NL Central wins the World Series. After all we’ve been subjected to since Saturday night when they won the pennant, just keep going and win the damn thing — it can’t be that much worse than what we’ve had to go through already. Maybe sometime soon the madness (and the “lovable loser” identity and the 100-plus years BS) will all be gone and they’ll be just another baseball team … another big-market, big-payroll, overhyped baseball team with fans who are as annoying as those of the Red Sox.

3 thoughts on “Some Cardinals Alternatives To Watching This Year’s World Series

  1. What a storied history we have. And this is only the fairly recent stuff. This doesn’t even take into account the Gashouse Gang Years, the Musial years, etc.

    That being said, I still believe in the curse. Remember, the curse doesn’t necessarily keep the lovable losers out of the series (although it does mostly do that, too). The curse prevents them from winning the thing. So, until that happens, my expectation is that the baby bears will come up short.

    It’s curious. At this point I don’t so much root against them (frankly, if it’s not the Cards it doesn’t really matter who wins the Series) as I just expect them to lose at some point. It has been a magical, adversity-free run for them and at some point you have to expect that the ball will bounce against them for a little bit. That’s just baseball, right?

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