Welcome to G9 Sports!

This is it — the launch day for G9 Sports! Aaron Miles’ Fastball is the Cardinals site on the G9 network. You can find the new site at www.aaronmilesfastball.com. Please bookmark the site, continue to read and support and comment as we make our way through these remaining days until spring training finally begins and the 2011 season gets under way.

Be sure to check out the toolbar across the top, where you’ll find links to the other G9 sites covering MLB, the NFL, NHL, NBA and more. There are sites for so many teams, with many more still to come, and all are created by intelligent and passionate women who want to share the love of their teams and sports. Blues fans, don’t miss You’re My Boys, Blues from Ann Warner. And though it’s a Cubs site, A League of Her Own (created by G9 founder Julie DiCaro) is great — I love her approach and the loyal and interactive community she has. Besides, we need to keep tabs on the enemy, right? Once you register for G9 (on the sidebar, at the top) you can post on Aaron Miles’ Fastball as well as any of the G9 sites.

Thanks for your support here, especially those who have subscribed and commented. (For now, there are not subscriptions for the G9 Aaron Miles’ Fastball — should be coming soon). See you on the new site!

Cardinal love letters – Jan. 31

Dear Jake,

I wish our first meeting had gone better. No doubt you wanted to make a great impression, and my expectations were especially high since it was my birthday. I know the end result wasn’t your fault and you really did try your best, but it still was an unfortunate evening — even though it was really hot.

(If anyone else reads this besides you, I hope they don’t get the wrong idea …)

Anyway, I’m glad you’ll be back with the Cardinals again this year and next — you didn’t have the best luck during some of your Cards starts but, you know, neither did the rest of the team. Let’s just all put August and September 2010 behind us and pretend like it never happened. 2011 will be better, and so will your luck.


Coming tomorrow
Tomorrow is Feb. 1, which means it’s the launch of G9 Sports! I have a new home there, and it’s looking good. There also will be a new address to reach the site — check back tomorrow or watch for my tweets at @CColeman802 or @AMilesFastball. Also, if you’re on Twitter, follow @G9Sports for the latest and, on Facebook, please like the G9 page if you don’t already.

If your sports interests are more than just the Cardinals, there are other sites throughout the G9 network for you to keep up with as well (Linda, there is a Packers site — but also two Bears sites) and more are still being added. All of the sites on G9 are run by women, and all of us are passionate about our teams. It’s going to be exciting, so join me over there starting tomorrow!

One last thing: Cardinals pitchers and catchers have their first workout two weeks from today! Could there be a better Valentine’s Day gift?

Bear down, Chicago Bears!

AP Photo/Morry Gash

A momentary detour from Cardinals baseball into Chicago Bears football …

During my 10-year break in following baseball after my internship with the Cubs (read here for more), the Bears were my sports passion. I became a Bears fan during the 1985 season, because I was went to college in DeKalb, 60 miles from Chicago – there was no choice but to be a Bears fan. When I lived in the Chicago area after college, I went to quite a few games and continued doing so even when moving to the Quad Cities. For several years in the mid 1990s, my friends and I bought a half-season ticket package the Bears used to offer. My friend Jan and I even went to the Bears training camp in Platteville, Wis., a couple of times. The last Bears game I went to was in 2001 – it was a Bears-Packers game, and I only remember the year because we had a more sober perspective on seeing the Sears Tower off in the distance from our seats in the south end zone.

I’ve continued following the Bears even as baseball became my passion again, but there’s only room for one real love. With the Cardinals season ending in early October, however, I’ve had more time and energy for following the Bears this season. When they lost three out of four in October, they unfortunately reminded me too much of the 2010 Cardinals – underachieving, inconsistent. But since their bye week on Halloween, they’ve turned it around and been impressive. And now we’re here, with the biggest game in Chicago sports history just over four hours away.

Of course I want the Bears to win, because they’re my team but also because it’s the Packers they’re playing. I hate when the Packers succeed, and I say this with one of my best friends, Linda, and my Cardinals fan uncle Jim being life-long Packers fans. I’ve been anxious about this game ever since I heard a prediction on the radio more than two weeks ago from a Bears experts that this would be the match-up in the NFC title game. Even as last Sunday’s game went on and I was thrilled about the Bears win over the Seahawks, my stomach was already tying itself up over the prospect of today. Linda and I were texting each other and had similar thoughts. Those knots have only increased throughout the week.

Of course this is the dream game FOX and football fans were hoping for, and I’m sure the TV ratings will be sky-high. Twitter will no doubt be crazy this afternoon. And I am this combination of nervous and anxious and I’m-n0t-sure-what-to-call-it. The Bears-Packers game three weeks ago was so intense for me, with only a Packers play-off berth on the line. Now, everything is on the line. I really don’t care about the Super Bowl. I just want the Bears to win TODAY.

One of my Facebook friends has a prayer in his status at the moment invoking the spirit of Walter Payton to be with every Bear today. I always remember Walter when the Bears and Packers play, and remember his divine intervention during the first game after his death in November 1999, when a last-second blocked field goal by Bryan Robinson gave the Bears a 14-13 win in Green Bay – the first time the Bears had beaten the Packers in years. Just like 11 years ago, whatever it takes for the Bears to win today is what I want.

Bear down, and JUST WIN!!!

Coming soon: G9 Sports

A new blog network is coming Feb. 1, G9 Sports.

Julie DiCaro of the blog A League of Her Own is starting this new network. It will feature, as she wrote yesterday, “a designated homepage for each sport, and individual team blogs for each and every professional sports team (and, down the road, some college teams). But G9 Sports will be different in one major respect: every single blog on the network will be run by a woman.”

Aaron Miles’ Fastball will be the Cardinals blog for the network, which I’m very excited about. It’s also flattering to be called one of “the smartest, wittiest, sassiest female sports bloggers around,” so hopefully I can live up to that. As Julie wrote about all of us, herself included (since she certainly fits the bill), “These aren’t girls who want to cover everything pink and bedazzle it. These girls are serious, die-hard, uber-knowledgeable sports fans who happen to be women. Honestly, until I became active on Twitter, I had no idea there were so many of us out there.”

It’s all because of Twitter that I’ve met so many of you too, girl and boy Cardinal fans alike. Thanks for the support as I’ve gotten back into the blogging world, and thanks in advance for the continuing support. And, together, we can continue to count down the days until Cardinals spring training starts – only 33 more!