Some Cardinals Alternatives To Watching This Year’s World Series

Even though the 2016 World Series gets underway tonight, you might not be in the mood to watch it. Want to look back on some better days instead? Here, and all available on YouTube, are some alternatives that will make for more pleasant viewing.

The videos are the complete games, so watching these should keep you busy … and able to avoid whatever might be happening in this year’s World Series.

Game One – 1968 World Series

Starting off with an absolute classic in a year that didn’t result in a Cardinals World Series championship, but began with an incredible performance by that year’s NL Cy Young Winner and Most Valuable Player, Bob Gibson. His 17 strikeouts in the game are a record that still stands.

Game Seven – 1982 World Series 

Ah, nothing like a Game Seven — especially when it’s a Game Seven win! Watch the Cardinals win their ninth World Series championship, and first since the days of Bob Gibson in 1967, when they beat the Brewers 6-3 behind Joaquin Andujar and Bruce Sutter.

Game Six – 2004 NLCS

The 2004 National League Championship Series between the Astros and Cardinals was an incredible one, yet mostly overlooked by the national media due to the ALCS that was going on at the same time. We remember, though, these hard-fought seven games in which the home team was victorious in each — and the MV3 was in their prime and all making big contributions. Jim Edmonds was the walk-off hero in this one, as you no doubt remember. (Also, in case you forgot, Carlos Beltran and Lance Berkman were the enemy.)

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And Now There Are Just 27 Days …

Quick — when you hear No. 27 for the Cardinals, who’s your first thought?

Am I the only one who still thinks of Scott Rolen first? Sorry to Jhonny Peralta and to the never-forgotten second love of Miranda’s baseball life (after David Freese) Tyler Perry Greene and, apparently, Ron Villone (I’ve purged my memory of the 2007 and 2008 Cardinals, to be honest). But I still think of the third baseman from what’s my tied-for-first favorite Cards team, 2004. And now we’re just Scott Rolen days until Opening Night at Wrigley Field.

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago CubsAh, yes, 2004 … that wonderful year when the MV3 of Rolen, Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds dominated; when Larry Walker was traded to the team in August; when Chris Carpenter showed why he was worth waiting through those shoulder surgeries for; when Jason Marquis, in his first season as a Cardinal, had yet to become the Guaranteed Loss Night pitcher and and won 15 games; when Matt Morris and CC joined Marquis with 15 wins each and Jeff Suppan had 16; when the team won 105 games; when they swept the Dodgers in the National League Division Series and both teams shook hands afterward (something we know would not ever happen with the current Dodgers and Cardinals); and when the season ended after that wonderful, seven-game National League Championship Series against the Astros.

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Throwback Thursday: Looking Back to the 2004 NLCS

Ah, the 2004 Cardinals. That great 105-win team with the MV3 seemingly unstoppable on offense, Larry Walker receiving a standing ovation upon striking out in his Cardinals debut, a rookie named Yadier Molina getting called up in June, Chris Carpenter having a great first season with the team, those other new starters Jason Marquis and Jeff Suppan doing really well too (yes, they really did) and Rick Ankiel successfully returning to the mound in September plus winning a game. (Sadly, his last.)

2004-CardinalsAnd how could we forget a bullpen with Cal Eldred, Ray King, Steve Kline, Julian Tavarez, Kiko Calero and of course Jason Isringhausen? Ray King! Steve Kline! Kiko!

Plus, in looking at this picture to the left, we can’t avoid mentioning Mike Matheny. Or Reggie Sanders, Edgar Renteria and Tony Womack. Also, of course, Matt Morris (who you can see in the video below).

Ever since researching my post the other day on the 2004-2006 teams vs. the 2011-2013 teams, I’ve been remembering how much I loved that 2004 team. They were just so fun to watch, game after game, because they were so good in so many ways — especially Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds.

The 2004 NLCS was also a classic. A seven-game battle against the Houston Astros, with the home team winning every game. It was the perfect ending to the 2004 season! (That’s what I’ve told myself for years, anyway: the season ended with the Cards crowned NL champs.) Of the seven, Game Six was probably the most epic of all — a 12-inning battle that only went to extras because of a blown save by Izzy yet ended with the spectacular walk-off homer by Jimmy with Albert on base.

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