Looking Into My 2014 Crystal Ball

With only three more days until Opening Day 2014 (and yes, I really did use a photo of World Series Champion No. 3 Ryan Theriot for today’s AMF Facebook page countdown), all you seem to see everywhere are predictions about the season ahead.

crystal-ballAnd predictions for 2014 are this month’s project from the United Cardinal Bloggers, which is why I’m jumping in with my own today.

Preseason predictions, no matter who makes them, rarely seem to be correct once the postseason arrives so there’s really no pressure in trying to be accurate. A year ago at this time, wasn’t everyone¬†saying¬†there would be an Angels-Nationals World Series?

So, with that, my own some-should-be-right-some-will-be-wrong predictions for 2014. Six months or so from now, we’ll see which was which.

American League East
1. Red Sox
2. Rays
3. Blue Jays
4. Yankees
5. Orioles

American League Central
1. Tigers
2. Indians
3. Royals
4. White Sox
5. Twins

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