Opinion Palooza: Was Yadi Right Or Wrong?

My dad always used to tell me, “Opinions are like armpits – everyone has a couple, and they usually stink.”

Opinions on yesterday’s Yadi drama have been spreading like wildfire (thanks, social media) and very few of them are alike. Very few of them matter, either. So naturally, I’m going to add one more.

First, though, here are a few of the common opinions thus far:

Crazy-YadiThe call was absurdly bad, and should be labeled as such.

KMOX’s John Rooney called it a “minor league call,” to which Mike Shannon responded with, “by a minor league umpire!”

(Clint Fagan is, in fact, a substitute umpire without much big league experience)

The TBS announcers agreed, saying the call was worthy of discipline from Major League Baseball.

The umpire should have a “feel for the game” that helps with understanding player reactions.

Bengie Molina, who was the acting first base coach yesterday made that very clear.

“That kid out there didn’t have a feel for the game,” he said. “Did he warrant being thrown out? I don’t think so. He threw a helmet. If you’re going to throw him out for that, then you’re going to have to throw out half the team because they get mad sometimes when they get an out or somebody made a good play.”

Mike Matheny agreed.

“He’s frustrated with himself, which happens every single day in this league, and the wrong decision was made … I just don’t understand how that call can be made if you’re not out looking for it — especially from a young umpire, it’s frustrating.”

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