Meet The Writers

20130831-161018.jpgThis month’s United Cardinal Bloggers project gave us the chance to get to know not one, but two fellow Cardinals writers via an interview format. Every fan has their own story about falling in love with the game, and every writer has a story about … well, pretty much anything!

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Mark and Dathan.

Mark Sherrard of Cardinals Fan in Cubs Land

1. When did you first become a Cardinals fan? Was your family into baseball?

I became a Cardinals fan as a result of my dad, who grew up as a Cardinals fan as well. He lived in Clayton, MO for a time when he was growing up and once saw Dizzy Dean pitch against Carl Hubbell. Each summer, our family would make a trip down to St. Louis to catch a game or two (as we got older, we expanded it to a weekend series). Although my dad has passed away and my brother and sister never shared my passion for baseball, its something that my mom and I still share.

2. When did you attend your first game at Busch Stadium? What do you remember most about that game?

I cannot remember if it was my first game, but the first game I remember was a game I saw back in 1979. I was a huge fan of Lou Brock and was sad to hear that he was retiring after the season. So, it was extra special moment for me that he lead off that game with a single, promptly stole second base and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

3. Who was your first favorite Cardinal and why?

Lou Brock was my first favorite, but I didn’t get to see him for long as he retired a few years after I became a fan. My other favorite at that time was Bob Forsch. I was playing little league around that time and loved to pitch. Forsch was the guy I identified the most with at the time. He wasn’t overpowering, but knew how to get guys out.

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