Oh, THERE You Are, Offense!

Nothing like a good, old fashioned slugfest to break an ice cold offense out of a slump, eh? Also, the Astros. Nice to have a few games with the Astros again.

Cardinals_Astros_If you listen to or read many quotes from the team, though, you’d certainly not think it was a 13-run night for the NL Central leaders. Words like “weird,” and “off” were common. Most of the frustrated comments were in relation to an odd strike zone. Despite the 15 hits and 13 runs, the team also struck out a season-high 14 times. “Odd” certainly seems apropos.

Matheny agreed that it was “odd” for his team to strike out so many times, yet have so many hits (15) and score so many runs.

“Guys on our club were having called strikeouts you just don’t see very often. Something was a little off tonight,” said Matheny.

This was a gentle way of suggesting that home plate umpire Marvin Hudson’s strike zone took some getting used to, both for his hitters and even for Westbrook.

“There were a lot of things on both sides,” said Matheny. “The strike zone was tough tonight.”

Still, the power plenty to make up for the frustration with the strike zone. Every starter but Jon Jay had at least one hit (Jay walked to force in a run, though) and nine different players had at least one RBI. It turned into a party — a home run party — in the Crawford Boxes, with Allen Craig as the guest of honor.

The Amazing Whacker Guy was 4-for-5 on the night, scoring two and adding three runs to his already impressive RBI total (his 61 rank 5th in MLB). He knocked in the first run in the fourth inning, then Matt Carpenter did what he does and broke the game wide open with bases-loaded triple, making it 6-0. They’d add one more run in the inning … and that’s as many runs as the team had scored in the entire weekend series against the Rangers.

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