Want To Win A 2011 World Series Game 6 DVD?

Baseball is so much about history, which we as St. Louis Cardinals fans especially know. There are so many classic games the Cardinals have been involved in through the decades, and even (or especially) recently.

game 6To celebrate some of the greatest moments in overall MLB history being available for digital download on iTunes, you have the chance to win the most memorable Cardinals game in recent years on DVD/Bluray combo: Game Six of the 2011 World Series.

It’s part of A&E Home Video’s “Baseball’s Greatest Games” series, and it couldn’t be easier to enter our drawing to win one of three DVDs.

One of the Cardinals from that game who played a significant role in the victory was just honored last weekend on his retirement from MLB by his previous team. Who is that former Cardinal? (Hint, hint — although I doubt you need one.)

Simply provide the answer in a comment below, tweet @AMilesFastball or leave it as a comment on the AMF Facebook page.

Enter by this Tuesday, April 15, at 7 p.m. Central Time (just before the Cardinals-Brewers game). A random drawing for the winners will be held.

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Want to Win a Game 6 DVD?

Game 6.

Just those words alone brings back so many memories for us as Cardinals fans — no need for year or Game 6 of what. We just know.

It’s no surprise that Game 6 is part of the Baseball’s Greatest Games series produced by A&E Home Entertainment. It was instantly a classic — the Cardinals down to their final strike in the 9th before David Freese’s triple, down to their final strike in the 10th before Lance Berkman’s single, then “we will see you tomorrow night!”D-300x300_V2 in the 11th.

And now five of you will win your very own copy of the DVD/BluRay combo of Game 6 courtesy of A&E so you can relive that incredible game anytime — all as a way to celebrate even more fantastic World Series moments from 1947 on and other classic MLB features that are now available on iTunes.

Details on how you can win in a second …

More than 100 MLB titles are now live on iTunes, which already includes hundreds of classic games as well as podcasts and award-winning mobile apps from MLB Advanced Media such as MLB.com At Bat.

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