From 5 Back To First Place, 7 Days Later

It’s been quite a week for the Cardinals, hasn’t it? Last Sunday, after two straight disappointing losses to the Miami Marlins, the Cards were five games back in the National League Central and in third place behind the Brewers and Pirates.


Love the sign! (Photo:

Now, with winning five of the past seven games including a 10-2 victory over the Brewers on Saturday, the Cardinals are tied for first place.

If it seems like it’s been a while since they were in first, it has. The last time? April 5. Not that we need a reminder of what most of the first half of the season has been like …

So it’s definitely good to see this position once again. First place!

Of course, gaining so much ground so quickly wouldn’t be possible without the Brewers having lost each of the last seven games and 11 of their past 12. And, given what they were dealing with as a team yesterday with the death of Jean Segura’s infant son, it seems wrong to gloat too much about yesterday’s Cards win in particular.

Instead, what about the five Cards wins this week — and especially Friday night’s comeback win?

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A Cardinals Rarity For May 1

May-1-calendarAs we know, the Cardinals victory yesterday over the Brewers gave them a record of 15-14 for the month of April. The Cards remain in second place in the National League Central and are 5 1/2 games behind the surprisingly 20-8 Brewers.

What I didn’t realize was this, which I just read from Bob Nightengale in USA Today: for the first time in six years, a team other than the Cardinals enter May in first place in the NL Central.

Are you as surprised as I was by that? Maybe, in my memory, I just concentrate on where the Cardinals have ended up the past six years — not where they are at the end of the season’s first month.

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One Pitch, One Swing, One Big Cardinals Win

Sure, a lot of great things happened in last night’s 8-6 St. Louis Cardinals win over the Cincinnati Reds.

But there’s only one moment you’re still reliving this morning. Only one play you’re talking about with every Cardinals fan you see.

Of course it’s this.

Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

What else?

The Reds were up 5-4 in the bottom of the seventh, bases loaded and the only Cardinal you’d want up in that situation coming to the plate — Allen Craig. The man who rules all when there are runners in scoring position.

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