4 Homers In 3 Games? Good, But This Isn’t A Homer-Hitting Team

Matt Adams had quite the weekend, didn’t he? With his bat, of course — three home runs in three games after coming off the disabled list — plus the “Field of Dreams”-like factor with his dad being in town for Father’s Day to witness all three homers in person.

AdamsMatt Holliday hit a homer yesterday too, his second in a week and fifth overall.

Hurray for the Matts! (These two, anyway — sorry Matt Carpenter!) Four homers for the weekend! Forget all that power outage talk! The Cards are back in the slugging business! At least that’s what Mike Matheny says in this article from Alex Halsted at Cardinals.com:

“It’s not a surprise — it’s not like guys never hit any homers in their life,” Matheny said. “I think everybody just thought we were either brainwashing them not to hit home runs or else they all lost it collectively — and both of them are ridiculous. These guys are going to hit home runs.”

Well, Mike, yes, four home runs is definitely good. Progress, even. Plus it’s excellent to know that you and John Mabry aren’t brainwashing the team — because that seems creepy.

But this team still is what it is, Mike — which is not really a home-run hitting team. Jhonny Peralta still leads the team with 10. Yes, it’s just June 16, but 22 NL players, including such guys as Neil Walker and Marcell Ozuna, have 11 or more.

And even with the four homers in the past three games, the Cardinals are still last in home runs in the National League with 40. They trail the team just ahead of them, the Mets, by eight and the No. 13 team, the Padres, by 10. (The Cards also trail the No. 1 team, the Rockies, by 46.)

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The Cardinals Last Walk-Off Homer Was When?

As yesterday’s game went into extra innings (and perhaps the less said about the game, the better — another frustrating loss in a season filled with them), the thoughts of Cardinals fans turned to walk-off wins. The 2014 Cardinals have had two so far, both within the past two weeks and both decided in odd ways: the walk-off hit-by-pitch against the Cubs on May 13 and last week’s walk-off throwing error by the Diamondbacks in extra innings.

In the end, wins are wins and however they are achieved works. But when was the last time we experienced the joy and thrill of a walk-off home run, that unbelievable feeling like in Game Six of the 2011 World Series?

Uh … then.


Wow. And nearly three years now since the last regular season walk-off homer.

Of course, hitting a walk-off homer requires actually hitting a homer — something the 2014 Cardinals are definitely not doing very often. They have 26 home runs as a team this season, which is last in the National League. It will take a bit to catch up with the 14th place team too, as the Mets have 34. Overall in MLB, the Cards rank 29th — the Royals trail then with only 20 homers. (Fun fact: the major’s current home run leader, Nelson Cruz, has 16.) Continue reading