Your Oscar Taveras Debut News Wrap-Up

Let’s face it — there’s one thing, and only one thing, anyone cares about from yesterday’s Cardinals 2-0 win over the Giants. Oscar Taveras. (Ah, poor Michael Wacha — so last year now, other than the damn rain delays you cause every single start … )

And with so much coverage about Oscar out there, given his performance in his debut, trying to find a new angle to write about was a challenge. So I gave up.

Here, instead, are links to everyone else’s coverage — from the St. Louis writers and Cards bloggers to national coverage, since you know you want to read it all — starting, of course, with the most memorable home run since the most recent Cards walk-off or Rick Ankiel’s in his debut as an outfielder.


Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch/

Video of Oscar’s second at-bat, complete with slow motion of that beautiful swing and the tears of joy falling as rain from the heavens over such a fantastic hit.

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