A Tale Of Two New Managers

Mike Matheny won’t be the only one managing his first-ever game this year. Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox also will be as well.

There are similarities between the two situations. Both are replacing well known, World Series winning managers, and both were definitely fan favorites in their playing days (Ventura was the Sox third baseman from 1989 to 1998).

The other day, I was listening to Chicago sports radio station The Score and the morning hosts were taking calls about the White Sox. And hearing several callers share their opinions on Ventura struck me — they were such a complete contrast to what Cardinals fans have been saying about Matheny these days.

The Sox fans were universal in their like of Ventura but still very skeptical of the hire, general manager Kenny Williams’ motives, and the chances of success by both Ventura and the Sox this season. One caller said Williams hired Ventura because he knew he could control him, while another lamented still why an experienced manager wasn’t hired.

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