Happy Thanksgiving To All!

turkey-baseball-11658716Wishing you a wonderful day filled with food, family and friends — and maybe baseball via a Cardinals World Series DVD. (Better than football any day!)

Thank you for your support and readership of AMF, even though I haven’t been writing as regularly recently. (Hoping to change that soon!) And, with each passing day of this off-season, Cardinals baseball for 2015 gets closer and closer. Now only 129 more days until Opening Night on Sunday, April 5, at Wrigley Field.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, and Every Day, Thankful for Baseball

I’m not sure where my life would be without baseball.

baseballheartI realized this yesterday, when thinking about Thanksgiving and the multitude of blessings I am so grateful for: my family, friends, good health (even though I now can’t eat or drink everything I used to enjoy without getting sick), a good job where I can see the end result of my efforts every February, money for food and clothing and shelter … the list could go on and on. It also includes the chance to do something I’ve been compelled to do since I was a kid — write — and know that people read and even react to it.

Much of the writing, obviously, is here and about the Cardinals and baseball. I don’t remember when I first started watching baseball — it was a very, very long time ago. Baseball became a daily part of my summers back when my brother turned 8 and started playing and my Dad was his coach. In high school, when my family got cable TV, the magic fact we received WGN and the Cubs played in the afternoon is part of the reason I first followed them. (The cuteness of Jody Davis was the other.) In college, my daily routine of listening or watching every Cubs game led to an internship with the team — and afterward a 10-year baseball break that lasted until Harry Caray died in 1998. That year’s Cubs team brought me back to baseball, yet Mark McGwire made me notice the Cardinals. It took a couple years, and a typical Cubs season in 1999 following the gloriousness of 1998, to finally bring me to where I am today: on the right, and red, side of the rivalry since 2000.

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