Tales From a Cardinals Fan Veteran

With tonight’s Fox Sports Midwest’s annual “This One’s For You” telecast to U.S. troops throughout the world, interviews with the Missouri National Guard’s 1-135th and their family members in attendance at Busch Stadium, those who serve our country are on our minds.

This one's for youWith that, it seemed like a good time to get the perspective of a military veteran — which we have here from Michael, occasional contributor here at Aaron Miles’ Fastball. He was in the Navy for 20 years, and it just fueled his Cardinals and baseball fandom.

Here are Michael’s recollections.

“You know, this Navy thing is getting in the way of me watching baseball.”

So there I was, in a darkened basement American Forces Network control room booth around 8 o’clock at night, squinting at a tiny screen, hunched over in a hard plastic chair, watching Ken Griffey Jr., in his new Reds uniform, stepping in to face the Brewers on Opening Day 2000 at Riverfront Stadium. I was in Frankfurt, Germany, awaiting a flight that would take me to a rural base in Hungary, and ultimately, to a barbed-wire surrounded camp in Bosnia, where I would help run the AFN radio station providing news and entertainment (and as far as I was concerned, mostly entertainment) for more than 100,000 troops. It was an afternoon in Cincinnati, nightfall in the middle of Europe.

But it wouldn’t be the most exotic or foreign place I’d ever watched a game.

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