Frustrating Cardinals Weekend Is Just That: A Bad Weekend

Frustrating weekend of St. Louis Cardinals baseball? Absolutely.

Most disappointing series thus far in 2013? Yep.

Discouraging that the consecutive-series-wins streak came at the hands of the — gasp — Miami Marlins? Of course.

The end of the baseball world? Nope.

keep-calm-because-nothing-lasts-forever-3Here are the facts.

The Cardinals, even after losing 2 of 3, still have the best record in MLB at 44-25. They are still atop the National League Central standings and have 2 1/2 game lead over the Cincinnati Reds and 3 game lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Even with the starting pitching struggles over the weekend, the Cardinals still maintain the best starter ERA in the majors at 2.97. And, while it’s cutesy and all to refer to the Marlins as a minor league team, truth is they have a winning record in June at 7-6.

(Just as a frame of reference, the other “minor league” team so many love to mock also — the Houston Astros — are 8-7 this month and have won 4 straight.)

And, while not a fact but instead just a trite expression, a baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint.

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