Cardinals Frustrate Yet Again

Remember July 25? That was the last time the Cardinals won a close game, as they beat the Phillies 3-1 for a sweep. In the 12 games since then, of course, the Cards have only won three times — when they scored 13, 13 and 15 runs.

frustration20logoYet chances to break that streak were plenty last night in the 3-2 loss to the Dodgers. The Cards had eight hits — one more than the Dodgers — as every starter but Daniel Descalso had one (and Matt Carpenter had two) but they left eight runners on base and grounded into one double play.

And once again bunting haunted them, as Carlos Beltran made the curious decision to sacrifice Adron Chambers and Carpenter up from first and second in the seventh inning — a move that, given Mike Matheny’s non-answer when asked about it during post-game press conference pretty much told the story anyway about who actually decided that was a bunting situation. (All he would say was “Sometimes we put a bunt on. Sometimes we do it on our own,” and that pretty much said it wasn’t him.) And then Jon Jay attempted to bunt in the eighth when David Freese was hit by a Paco Rodriguez pitch — and was unsuccessful.


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