Leave That Mess In Milwaukee

It’s hard to encourage Cardinal fans to pull back from that ledge they are on or remind them it is only June 13. It’s hard to say it because the Cardinals got swept … and mightily so … by the Brewers over the weekend. They lost again Sunday, 4-3, moving them to second place in the National League Central.

It's only June 13, but Cards fans need to be talked off the ledge after a sweep by the Milwaukee Brewers Sunday.

While they are in second place, the Cardinals are only a 1/2-game out of first and start a series with the Nationals on Tuesday.

So … who do the Brewers have next up? The Cubs. The 25-39 Cubs. The 12-games back Cubs. The 2-8-of-their-last-10-games Cubs. The same Cubs team the Cardinals swept prior to getting swept by the Brewers.

Catching my drift? Yeah … THAT Cubs team!

They are playing at Wrigley, so we can only hope for the best. And by best I mean the Cubs winning a game or three. It’s really hard to wish that, Cardinals fans, I know! But it’s either that or a natural disaster … and being from Arkansas, I just can’t do that!

So what happened with our team this weekend?

Well, the Cardinals only scored six runs for starters. That’s bad when the other team puts up 17 runs.

* Kyle Lohse had a BAD outing Friday with an 8-0 loss. K-Lo pitched five innings, giving up five hits, four earned runs, three walks and a homer. He also struck out one. That’s right … just one!

* Ryan Franklin got some work. Yes, Frankie pitched two innings. Giving up two earned runs on three hits, a homer and walk. But, impressively … he got four Ks.

* Brian Tallet even got into the mix. He pitched one inning, also giving up two earned runs on three hits.

* Ryan Theriot. He played like a goob.

*Berkman got his 16th home run of the season. Dirty Dan and Yadi each had hits to drive in a run apiece in the 5-3 loss.

* Pujols turned his own one-man double play … instead of hitting into one.

* But, as the season’s story has gone, Carp couldn’t hang on. He gave up homers to Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks. And Corey Hart … he hit a double to knock in Fielder and Casey McGehee. Carp pitched six innings, giving up five earned runs on five hits, two homers and two walks. He was able to strike out four.

* Mitchell Boggs had a two-inning relief stint in which he gave up two hits but struck out three. He was the first pitcher to not allow a run to be scored on him for the Cards this series. Impressive!

* Things began looking up…

* In the fourth, Skip Schumaker hit a single to knock in Lance Berkman and Colby Rasmus.

* In the sixth, Colby hit a double to knock in Albert Pujols. The score was 3-0.

After Albert scored, however, Colby took a header rounding second for third. As he scrambled to get back to second, he was called out. The play … was sad, to put it nicely.

What the heck is what I really ask on this play. I could blame it on his youth and lack of consistency. Those are old arguments now. That play was STUPID.

Hey Colby? Stop it, mmkay pumpkin? Hi Ann!

That unicorn or whatever it is that has you distracted out there … it isn’t there! PAY. ATTENTION. This goes for defense as well as offense. OK, enough of that for now! No no no… one more thing … PAY ATTENTION!

* Bottom of the sixth? Jake Westbrook gave up a double to Mark Kotsay, driving in Rickie Weeks. Ryan Braun singled to left field, the throw in was deflected by Matt Carpenter, allowing Kotsay to score. And then Prince Fielder hit a blast to right field, scoring Braun. Jake pitched five-plus innings and gave up four earned runs on eight hits. He pitched well for Jake, to the sixth. And then something happened …

So what I am noting for you guys is that right after Colby’s little mishap, Jake Westbrook got a little distracted too. I haven’t decided what that distraction is yet. Brats? BACON? Beer? What do y’all think?

In addition to Jake’s distraction, are distractions a problem in general for the 2011 Cardinals? Is it youth? Is it the injury bug? WHAT SAY YOU?

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda.

4 thoughts on “Leave That Mess In Milwaukee

  1. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thinks Colby doesn’t know what is happening. He can be great but it’s hard to tell who is showing up for game. I am hopeful at the start of every game but have the remote handy just in case. I have to give credit to the young ones like Dirty Dan, Jay, Cruz & Matt C for working so hard and showing us they want to be here. Didn’t would say thisbut #GO CUBS Linda

  2. Might I offer the following as my carefully considered and well-thought out response to our favorite nine’s play this weekend past?


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