Skippy: Aaron Miles’ Revenge, Part 2

Down 11-0 to the Dodgers, Tony La Russa decided it was time for his team to have a little fun out on the field.

Skip Schumaker was warming up for the Cardinals to pitch the ninth inning.

That’s right … Skip Schumaker!

Skippy is the epitome of scrappy on this team. He will do absolutely anything … and now fans can add pitching to that list of anything.

Skip did a heck of a job, but did end up committing something that sent fans into a tizzy. With Andre Ethier on first after a walk, Skip Schumaker served up a big fat pitch to Aaron FREAKING Miles that he launched into the right field stands. That’s right, Aaron Miles got his revenge on the Cardinals by hitting a home run off our current platoon second baseman who got tapped to pitch. After he got his revenge Monday night by hitting a game-tying triple.

That’s just awful.

I will say, Skip has a nice curve ball and he was able to throw a nice 91 mph fastball. He struck out two, including Trent Oeltjen and Blake Hawksworth. You can see all of Skip’s “highlights” here (which includes the Miles’ bomb).

Ryan Theriot and Jon Jay were able to drive in a couple of runs in the bottom of the ninth as the Cardinals attempted to make a comeback not totally embarrass themselves.

The final score was 13-2. Maybe tomorrow begins the big winning streak for our Cardinals. We can only hope.

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on twitter @missmiranda. She’s also senior reporter for Aerys Offsides. For all things offsides, follow @AerysOffsides.

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