Today’s Cardinals Win: Your 6-Word Summaries

Thats a winner-LGIn beating the Chicago Cubs today 6-1, the St. Louis Cardinals did something they haven’t done in a week: win two games in a row.

Yay! A winning streak! Adam Wainwright finally won his 14th game! The Pirates lost! The Cardinals are only 1 game back from the National League Central division lead!

How did today’s victory come about? That’s where you come in. Here are your 6-word summaries of today’s game.

Waino is Bueno. High Sock Sunday

Jon Jay, Mr. August. On fire!

Waino great…Jay awesome…Matheny moronic.
(I asked Margarita why Matheny was moronic. Her response: “1 out no one on…Siegrist pitching is 6-1…he brings Rosenthal in…26 pitches thrown including 2 walks.”)

Waino was Waino. Jay stays hot!

Collectively Awesome Redbirds Sing A Win

Wave your #Wong around & win

Bueno Waino. Cubs do Cubs things.

It looks like Wainwright is back.

Waino bueno, Jaybird flying, game behind

#HighSockSunday, fun day, Jay.

Waino was BIG for us today

All is right with the world!
Thomas R. Johnson

Cards win, Cubs were Cub like
Steve Wade

Win With Yadi, Lose Without Yadi
Fred Drake

Un Friggin remark able unbelieve able.
Bill Little

Jon Jay homers, Waino es bueno.
Cardinals beat Cubs, a wonderful day.
Edwin Jackson is Cubs’ Jake Westbrook.
Now they’re just one game back.

So there you go — and thanks to all for your contributions! For more than a 6-word summary on the game, here’s the recap from Jenifer Langosch at and one from Rick Hummel at the

Now it’s off to Milwaukee for the Cardinals (they have to just be riding a bus up there, right?) where they play the Brewers for the first time in three months — and the chance for a 3-game winning streak for the first time since sweeping the Phillies July 23-25. Tomorrow’s game is at 7:10 p.m. Central with Shelby Miller and Marco Estrada the starters.

Let’s keep these positive streaks going!

1 thought on “Today’s Cardinals Win: Your 6-Word Summaries

  1. Mike is never moronic. Geez. I don’t agree with every move he makes, but come on.
    Loved seeing JJ have such a great day, and Waino too. I’d have liked to have seen the bus ride up to Milwaukee with Koz, Shelby, Wacha and Kolten dressed as stewardesses, as supplied by [Chris] Carp.

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