The Outfield Chronicles: A Conversation

Bourjos CraigSetting: Coors Field in Denver, a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies. It’s the bottom of the fourth inning and two Cardinals meet up in the outfield.

Allen Craig: Hey, Pete.

Peter Bourjos: Hey, Al.

AC: Nice work trying to catch that.

PB: Yeah, thought maybe I could get it. Dude, it’s crazy the way the ball carries here.

AC: You learn that the more you play here. Kind of.

PB: Right, but you have to play to learn.

AC: Yeah, tough deal. Jay’s been on fire, man. But you’ve been awesome tonight — scoring from second base on Cruz’s grounder like that. Wheels!

PB: Gotta do something when I’m in there, ya know.

AC: Yeah. It’s noticed.

(Silence for a moment)

PB: Al, ever wonder what it’s all about? You know, why trees are green, why the sky is blue, the meaning of life and whether there’s a God?

AC: Uh, no. And don’t let Matheny hear you ask if there’s a God. What have you been doing out here in Colorado anyway?

PB: Dude … no. Just gotta pass all this time on the bench somehow, so I think about things. So how’s the turtle?

AC: It’s a tortoise. And Torty is fine. And we should probably get moving.

PB: Yeah. It’s just so nice to be out here, ya know?

AC: Totally get it, but they’re waiting for us. Good talk, bro.

PB: Good talk.


The Cardinals ended up losing to the Rockies 10-5, with the homer above — a three-run shot by Justin Morneau off Nick Greenwood — taking away the brief 4-3 lead the Cards held in the top of the fourth inning.

The two teams are back at it this afternoon, with both starting pitchers making their major league debuts: Marco Gonzalez for the Cards, as we know, and Yohan Flande for the Rockies.

Considering he’s a lefty, we may or may not actually see Peter Bourjos out there in back-to-back games for the first time in a week. If not, he’ll be pondering the meaning of life from the bench.

Game time is 2:10 p.m. Central.

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